Limpoff provides custom chip tuning files designed to optimize diesel engines for both increased power and enhanced long-haul fuel economy


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Why Choose Limpoff Chip Tuning Files?

Rest assured in the reliability of our chip tuning files. We uphold strict standards through comprehensive road and dyno testing to guarantee the safety and superior quality of all our files.

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Our team consists of programmers and engineers with incredible experience in the diesel engine and automotive software industry

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From 1 to 8 hours depending on the complexity and novelty of the engine

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We work on a prepayment basis. But with a money-back guarantee if you don’t like it.

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Recent News & Projects

Everything About Euro Standards: From Euro 1 To Euro 6

In the late 1980s, leading European countries almost simultaneously embarked on a course of environmental security. One of the key areas of environmental policy was the fight against the toxicity of exhaust gases from cars.


SCR (Adblue) For EURO 5 Diesel Engines

SCR – exhaust gas aftertreatment system by spraying an aqueous AdBlue solution into the vehicle’s exhaust system to reduce emissions to Euro 5 levels.


About SCR System

In European countries, the environmental standard Euro 4 has been in effect since 2004, followed by Euro 5 from September 2009. These standards aim to reduce the amount of harmful emissions released into the atmosphere to the following levels: particulate matter (PM) to 0.05 g/km, carbon monoxide (CO) to 0.8 g/km, and nitrogen oxides (NOx) to 0.06 g/km. 

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